Nicer dicer Vegetable slicer




The dicer is used to cut vegetables as well as fruits at more than one number of styles. The New genius nicer dicer plus will help users, to achieve it in style and in a healthy manner

The  dicer  is very compact and is available with many types of accessories. By simply changing these accessories users can make their own dishes in the way they want to see it. The sharp and supreme quality blades in it adds the convenience of the users. By simply caressing the things to be sliced on the dicer plus, users can make excellent and tasty food items.

All New Improved Nicer Dicer Plus is a great kitchen tool that will reduce the cooking time considerably when it comes to preparation of meal or cutting the salad or making great snacks.

Food must be cut into cubes,sticks,strips,quarters or eighths-the costs not only time but you need countless kitchen tools such as (knives,bowls,cutting board,etc) but with the dicer its easier and portable.