Kenwood ice crusher



The kenwood ice crusher and grinder is the ideal kitchen companion for the ambitious home cook.

It is equipped with a powerful 600W motor alongside strong detachable stainless steel cutting blades.

stLarge detachable 1.5L jug gives you the freedom to blend large quantities of solids and liquids together at any one time, allowing you to whip up deliciously smooth soups, sauces and smoothies in an instant.Use the pulse function to blend ingredients in short, sharp bursts . at optimum speed for greater control and to prevent over processing. Great for breaking down tougher chunks of food.

 It Features a handy integrated ice crush function, there’s no need to invest in a separate ice crusher for your kitchen. Great for keeping drinks refreshingly cool and impressing party guests with home-made cocktails and mouth-watering smoothies.

It Includes FREE multi-mill grinder attachment, perfect for grinding a wide variety of ingredients such as coffee beans, spices, herbs, nuts and bread crumbs.