Boral Tomato Crusher



The Tomato Crusher will make cooking very easy for you. This crusher will make your kitchen interior look really cool. It has a portable design that will make it fit well into your kitchen.

This crusher will crush nuts, dry chilli and tomato. It is powered manually with the hand; you will be able to use it even when there is no power. It comes with a suction pump for firm fixture; it will be stable when using it. You will be able to get tomato for your cooking anytime you need it by using this tomato crusher.

This Manual Tomato Crusher is made with quality materials so that you will get value for your money. The part of this crusher is easy to clean and maintain, they can be easily cleaned up after each usage. The metal blades in this crusher are made of high quality steel which makes it strong and they will stay sharp for a really long time.